Friday, February 8, 2008

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From an old magazine article about this CHF I dusted off some changes to the preamplifier AUDIO INNOVATIONS 800C. It 's a rather old article and I think that nobody is in possession of this preamp to be amended but also suggest that because the article is well done and quite complete so that you can complete the entire Pre from scratch. Of course the article is not composed of only the pages published qundi me, if you're interested, ask for my e-mail address.

There is nothing really understands, you are right, but the spaces offered by these free blog, no longer offer these possibilities.

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Friday, February 1, 2008

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Here's another great new amplifier electronics, this is the final LX1113 from 55 watts per channel you can listen below various aspects of timbre and sonic with some modifications. Below the patterns with the changes :

If the patterns are not understood, richiedetemeli to my email address. Use input transformer is obvious,, optional. calibrations remain the same even after the changes.
------------------------------------------------ --------------------------------
The original design was done by New Electronics.
is described on Audio Electronics Handbook vol.2 New
The kit number is LX.1113 KIT
---------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------
WARNING: The proposed amendments are not likely to depreciate the, already excellent, quality
but this unit has the sole purpose of adjusting, tonally and sonically,
amplifier have their own personal tastes.
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> LX1240 NE Attaching the 2A3

This little monster of NE offers 8 +8 watts per channel and 8 watts beautiful tough. Among its qualities is also to ourselves fit, with a few minor changes, the much-admired valve 2A3.
Here seguto of schemes with modifications to be made:

These are original patterns that I show to give you an idea of \u200b\u200bthe differences that there are over
those with the changes.

----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

As you can see the box, the changes to be done, to mount the 2A3, are few and simple. One main thing would be to split the power to increase the channel separation and power. First, you must, obvious,, to procure a pair of 2A3, their hooves
and a pair of resistors to lower the tensioned filament from 6.3 to 2.5 volts. 1) The resistor RF is calculated using Ohm's law taking into account that some power is lost in the links. However, as a reference, you can use the 1-ohm resistors 10 watts, the valve will be a little sottoaccesa but should work equally well enough. 2) The point of the 2A3, here Sbizzaritevi Vol.! Even here, as a reference, you can use , as the value of RK, a 820 ohm 2 watt resistor here and have fun
to decrease or increase the value until you reach the optimum. 3) For CK can fit any capacitor low-impedance value between 100 and 470 uF 35V (to save can recover from an old switching power supply).
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The original design was done by New Electronics
The kit number is LX.1240 KIT
E 'described the number 182 of the magazine "Nuova Elettronica"
- -------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
Warning: proposed amendments have absolutely the purpose of devaluing the product, already high
quality, new electronics. They are designed only to adapt the tone of the apparatus with their personal tastes
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