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Libertarian Commentary on 'The Hammock of 13/03/2011

Read the news on a number of judicial investigations (see recent surveys on the so-called P4 and the recruiter State Bisignani) understand very little and is far from 'one. The fault is not the journalists who try to tell what they can know. Neither of the judges, who are trying to dig up the crime by a thick blanket of secrecy and silence. The fault (from his point of view on a) is a political and economic power than ever in recent years has succeeded in making the inscrutable, opaque, out of control. We can understand that the only interests, alliances, clashes that determine many of the choices of central importance to the community (procurement, credit control, the division profits) are in an area of \u200b\u200b'shadow, sheltered from all forms of institutional control, of public visibility, in short, of democracy. A lot of money a lot of power in few hands, rags zero power in the hands of everyone else. It 's always been like that? Maybe. But in a political climate less resigned, more intact, the discovery of the P2 woke in the 'Italy of the time, a huge outcry. P3, P4 and P5 and P6 tomorrow can count on a huge advantage: the disarticulation of politics and our review. Two sides of same coin.

Michele Serra - L 'Hammock - What

makes the political and economic power " inscrutable, opaque and out of control ?

Gambling: the proliferation of rules el 'abnormal assigned role in politics.

It 'hard to get confused if there are a few simple rules.

It 'hard to watch commingling if the policy has neither large allocations to barter nor to bestow great favors.

But "few rules" and "low politics" scare. The looming specter of the Far West to 'horizon of impressionable minds. Minds are prone to a vacant horror of the prescription, and are "many."

The trouble is that then turn the 'corner, and these "many" you will find yourself busy in the drafting of 'ardent denunciation of power "inscrutable, opaque and out of control."

But how? Are they still? Participate in the Exhibition which is to Contomanifestazione?

Already, the two "crowds" are the same. At least console ourselves thinking about the survivor of the conflict.

And then you wonder why the massive conversion to moralism. Forced to discard solutions that work that remains is "savonaroleggiare" invoking the saints.

ps 1 / I start my own impromptu "meditations" on 'Hammock Sunday. I wanted a counterpoint to the gospel, a temper to me stranger who conceived ideas of continuous foreign to me. Barbara Spinelli was the 'ideal there 'is nothing more that I can remote to sight, but the river did not lend his prose. In writing, unfortunately, Serra c 'is a side that I admire and sincerely offering resistance to my inspiration (will not be a coincidence that I have read several books by this poetaster). Patience, his stamp Republicans are so appropriate to the need to give it up is a crime.

ps 2 / warning: I'm going a week at sea before the storm in the sea ports over to me. I reach my girlie Varigotti in free and sorry if the 'composting archive with a snowball. See you soon.

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long day of sincere libertarian militant

D to 'busy agenda of a genuinely democratic activist. "Get off in the square, to organize parade and rally and set up the stage for actors and singers in the Piazza del Popolo in defense of the Constitution under attack recently. Prepare tricolor ribbons and flags for the 'Anniversary of the' Unity 'Italy recently under attack: Review of the words' national anthem using the master class in Sanremo (most recently under attack by the victory of genuinely democratic Vecchioni) held by Roberto Benigni. Take to the streets and organize events with creative slogans and climb on roofs to protest against the reform Gelmini 's University who has put under attack the fundamental rights of students. March and organize human chain and set up the stage (with turnover) of actors and singers to the square of the People for the defense of the legality under attack recently. In general, pay attention to the contents of the event not to be confused and make the flag where you want the purple flag, or the rainbow. Keep the red just for the event, with stage set up for actors and singers in the Piazza del Popolo, in favor of the Fiom recently come under attack. Take to the streets, organize the event and set up the stage for actresses and singers in the Piazza del Popolo, in defending the dignity of woman under attack recently. Take to the streets, set up slogans, posters and banners for the demonstration in defense of press freedom under attack recently. Pay attention to the signatures of actors, singers, intellectuals and artists in general not to give the 'impression of a certain repetitiveness. Then organize rally to support the general strike in defense of fundamental rights under attack recently. Take to the streets and find new creative slogan for the event, which will end in Piazza del Popolo with a stage full of actors and singers, to defend the public school recently converged under attack. " "Get off the streets and organize protest of the official celebrations of 25 April, whose meaning has been under attack recently. Finding an actor or singer who can make a complaint to the content of the first stage under attack last May. Take to the streets, fill up placards and banners, and set up the stage (with turnover) for actors and singers, for the demonstration in defense of culture and entertainment recently come under attack. Postponing down the streets for the Sunday of May when there will be elections: a boring and totally unnecessary given that we will lose again because of the cultural model imposed by Drive. Drive in the streets against "

Pierluigi Battista

Me I'm always asked, but why so hard? It 'amazing.

All 'dinner time a lot of people pull up the phone and calls to radio talk politics: Cruciani, Scissors and Radio Popolare are the most diligent to catch this need.

And without going so far, but because we feel the 'need to tell our blog on a semi-desert? Perhaps because

profess a 'Ideology makes us feel good, like a religion. These center-being, even when our troubled secretion is an 'indifferent drop in the bucket, even when paradise is only a weak entity chimerical.

I see an 'analysis of' ideology related with the 'sociological analysis of the hobby. Profess an 'ideology is similar to a tremendous day out, a picnic, a day off. 'S ideology is "free time".

Free but never empty: it 's important cluttered with things we can neglecting to rationality.

disseminate a slight but pervasive bureaucracy is vital, always gives a touch of seriousness to things, the feeling of being a stroll. Perspiration increases the 'self-esteem, you know, when' who also was to dig holes and then fill them.

L 'ideology' s huge advantage of not combine with the "bets": you do not win and you lose, there 'is competition, no reckoning, no responsibility ... free at last. Free to scream, to sing, to split hairs in a ruminant soliloquy to extend right to the ever-supportive "parrocchietta.

And if, years later, nodes were laid on the table and the errors become unavoidable, and even pose as a nice "losers" who simply dream of a better world being romantically "in the wrong."

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Commentary on the Gospel of 03/13/2011

Matthew 4, 1-11

at that time. The Lord Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He fasted forty days and forty nights, afterwards he was hungry. The tempter approached and said: "If you are the Son of God, of ' that these stones become bread." But he said: "It is written: /" I do not live by bread alone man, / but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God. " Then the devil took him to the holy city and placed it on the highest point of the temple and said: "If you are the Son of God, throw yourself down; it is written, /" will command his angels concerning you / and they will lead on their hands / because your foot will not stumble into a stone. " Jesus replied, "it is written, /" not test the Lord your God "." Then the devil took him to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory, and said: " All these things I will give you if , throwing herself at my feet and worship me." Then Jesus said to him: "Go away, Satan! Is written: "/" The Lord your God, you'll love: / him only shall you serve "." Then the devil left him, and behold, the angels came and ministered to him.

Jesus resist three temptations: the first el 'last concern the greed, the second called for the miraculous sprach.

Resisting the first and at 'last Jesus shows us the' existence of goods to be placed on those materials, as the value of the latter comes from the first, the game of the priorities of the Gospel is clear.

other words, the original resource (The ultimate resource) resides in the 'man in his consciousness, his creativity, in its free evaluation and free will. materials that yesterday does not "worth" anything, today, thanks to a free and creative human act, it becomes "valuable". A Rabbi Julian Simon profane as he always did the 'example of oil, this inert mud and annoying.

Resisting the second, Jesus teaches us the value of human Conscenza: miracles disturb the 'natural order and natural order is altered continuously impossible to know. The parsimony in miracles then indicates a definite concern and care. This Sunday the libertarian

rejoices. The libertarian

is happy to know that we are not only swarming atoms placed in agitation against electrical shock, is reassured to think on his freedom as a free will. This is still something that has put at the center of his system. The libertarian

is happy to know how important human creativity, because even his system values \u200b\u200bit. The libertarian

is happy 's emphasis on knowledge, because that is precisely the ideal fuel to run its system to a thousand. The libertarian

comes from the Temple so happy, even if it's raining and windy. So c 'is David holding the' umbrella in the car and carries a Marghe strangely silent throughout the function. Luckily, in the church Comabbio there 'had escape routes and emergency / Marge the My creativity has suffered an 'uncomfortable impasse.

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the market for "errors" Psycho-

human preferences are the most capricious of Marge, nobody 's better than the professor explained. Maurice Allais. And no one

explains the work of prof. Allais best prof. Landsburg . Do not miss

then submit his legendary test. I propose again here for convenience:

Question 1: Which would you Rather have: A

. A million dollars for certain.

B . A lottery ticket That Gives you an 89% chance to win a million dollars, a 10% chance to win five million dollars, and a 1% chance to win nothing.

Try taking this seriously. What would you actually do if you faced this choice? Don’t bother trying to figure out the “right” answer, because there is no right answer .

Question 2 : Which would you rather have:

A. A lottery ticket that gives you an 11% chance at a million dollars (and an 89% chance of nothing)

B . A lottery ticket that gives you a 10% chance at five million dollars (and a 90% chance of nothing)

Once again, this is a matter of preference. There is no right or wrong answer.

Già, non c' è niente di irrazionale. Peccato che se scegliete A alla prima B to the second question and you are completely unreliable in 'display preferences. Like that disgusted that after he swallowed the Parmesan enthusiastic form no time in half.

But the vast majority of people choose irrational combinations. Deprimetevi not, therefore, leaving it to economists to do so.

Mille considerations spring to mind: maybe people do not take the test seriously, perhaps even change the preferences in a few seconds, maybe people prefer not to know what, maybe make mistakes and chooses what he just said Schifano ...

My explanation "favorite" is a 'else: surrender to' irrationality, when the EC you can 'afford it, is beautiful.

Or: I think many are bothered by the calculations and reasoning, as far as we recognize the 'effectiveness when put to the sat. So, especially on matters of little consequence, to rely on 'intuition in hand when they would be better ... in short, you "buy" happy mistakes arising from their lack of thoroughness.

How can 'test such a conjecture?

Maybe doing some tests where the "million dollar" tadpole really: there no longer makes sense to "buy" 's fault.

Conclusion: the verification is impossible and then I cut the post so as brutal and unsatisfying.

Again fault cuts to research, again because of Berlusconi.

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Curious' s latest book by Felice Cimatti. Thesis: the 'man is a natural community ( here slating the Libero).

I think Cimatti join different concepts such as Copyright (abstract object) and that of private property (concrete object). The first criticism of the institution would apply automatically to the second re-opening the road to communism. Actually he does not speak your language but of Copyright: If you use the language is mine, why should not it be even "your" hand?

be perplexed is more than fair in such cases. With this

I do not mean that naturalism and ideology can not cross in a profitable way. I am thinking of insightful research on the links between ideology and psychology natural, especially after the investigators have to report the amazing comunications feeble link between the material interests and political voting.

The division left and right seem limiting, we try to construct a psycho-parliament taking advantage of this schemino linking the Big Five personality to 'professed ideology (click to expand):

The libertarian would be a guy with many social contacts but still concentrated in his world, not empathic, conscientious and emotionally stable.

all stuff to be explored, however, accounts that are not square well exposed here.

Marchionne ps Can you imagine giving a "peaceful" public radio interview represented by Felice Cimatti? And Ricci converses amiably with the 'impartial Loredana Lipperini? Knowing the background to run a chill on his back wondering what really is the "voice of all."

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Convenient Neglect of relevant materials

Manufacturing Dissent Debbie Melnyk and Rick Caine
review of the Corriere della Sera, here

Fahrenheit 9 / 11 is fine, but I think it falls into one category, that of those who preach to the converted. E 'became almost a secular church where people could pray together and attack the infidel Bush. A one-sided partisan communication tends to attract an audience of believers and to reinforce what they already believe, rather than cause someone to change his mind. - Erroll Morris, documentary

Retail 2'48 " - David Gilmour, film critic and commentator on Canadian TV, recalls his interview Michael Moore, after the exit del suo primo lungometraggio Canadian Bacon . Una commedia stroncata dalla critica. Interessante il match Gilmour/Moore.

2'48" MELNYK - David Gilmour interviewed Michael Moore when he was film critic for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. In his fifty years of doing interviews, David says the one he did with Michael Moore about "Canadian Bacon" is the one every one remembers. This is Michael’s only dramatic film and is one his rare failures.
GILMOUR - I suspected, and it turned out to be true, that the second I asked the first thing he didn’t like to hear, the little persona of the sweet little boy, the regular guy, that mask slipped off and I thought: “That’s the real Michael Moore!”

There are people who had some serious problems with this movie, you know, Canadian Bacon…
You have a list?
I have a long list.
(Bacon is an undercooked comedy, Childish, boring, ineffective blabber, Pure awefulness, Moore should stick to the nonfiction world, A dreadful waste of talent)
They think it’s amateurishly shot, badly directed and not funny…
MOORE: Wow...
… which is a problem for a comedy.
MOORE: Well, you know, those people like art films. I made a film for people like me. Some critic said: “This is the first left-wing film for the mall crowd”. Now I don’t know whether he was referring to people who go to shopping malls or who live in trailer parks, but I consider that a compliment. Where are you from?
Where did you go to school?
I went to private school.
Well, you come from a different class than I come from, you know. You might like different things than I like.
I don’t think it has anything to do with the highbrow intellectual crowd. I think it’s possible that maybe you didn’t make a good film, and I think that you got to acknowledge that, rather than dismiss the people who don’t like your movie as if there’s something wrong with them.
Oh, I don’t have to acknowledge that. I made a very good film. A film I am very proud of.

GILMOUR - It was really quite a schizophrenic interview. Because I could tell that he wanted me dead, but in the same time I had him on film. And the only way that he was going to get that off film, was to make me like him again.

Some people won’t like the film. It’s ok, you don’t have to love the film. It’s alright, I’ll still talk to you.

GILMOUR - Here's a guy who makes his living going around, dropping in on people, putting the camera on them, capturing them in awkward positions and then filming them. All I'm saying is, if you are going to do that for a living, you've gotta be prepared for it to happen to you and when it does happen to you, you better behave with some grace otherwise, you're gonna look like a hypocrite.

Al minuto 4'03" - the intervention of Erroll Morris (opening post)
Retail 4'26 " - the intervention of John Pierson, independent filmmaker, producer of Spike Lee, Richard Linklater and Michael Moore (Roger & ; Me) - "(...) excludes more absolute (Fahrenheit 9 / 11) has only slightly favored the campaign of John Kerry. Michael ended up selling himself. And by "Bowling for Columbine" on, whenever things are doing well for Michael Moore - on a personal level, a level of popularity at the level of bank account - basically be getting worse for the country. "

How To Make Tilt On A Helmet

Stereotypes about stereotypes

The moment you realize that they are facing a snake, we begin to behave according to what we know of snakes in general ... When, we learn that Tom is a librarian, we begin to interact with this person, taking into account the 'idea we have of libraries and librarians ... We generally try to label each and every person we meet in order to regulate our behavior towards him on the basis of what 'in our previous knowledge falls under the' label in question ... this approach by "stereotyping" ... can 'be considered a good thing? ... Social psychology has issued two responses, both firm and unequivocal: No and Yes .

... The early literature argues that using too many stereotypes, the second (stereotype fallacy) that we use them too little and let our rationality is made to divert focus on individual cases and isolated ... turns on for example the story of the Volvo ... you have just read in a reliable newspaper that for every Volvo 10000 users satisfied, only 1000 say they disappointed ... the strength of this 'self is a stereotype that goes in the newspaper and the news is a reinforcement tutt' simply amazing ... has long been considered that the 'purchase ... Except that, at the bar, a friend gives you a vivid tale of 'odyssey that his brother has gone through its Volvo ... stopped on the highway ... the car was going to fire ... relief that they were slow ... million in damages ... the son injured ... a long and complicated case ended without any compensation ... here, the single case now takes over the stereotype and give up to 'purchase ... The conclusion is obvious: there is a problem of under-utilization of stereotypes ... "

David Funder - in AAVV Stereotype accuracy -



1. Cultivating positive stereotypes about of self is the main way to cultivate negative stereotypes on 'More?

2. Stereotypes are rigid?

3. Stereotypes are the way to the racism?


1. No, there is no correlation.

2. No, I usually change for successive approximations.

3. No, they are the way to any kind of study.

ps the first question may also be formulated as follows: "the 'ethnocentrism is a valid theory?"

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tribute to the suffering dark side of the microchip

Today, after years of obscure and hard work, I gave up. We also affections to things, even things that do not see but know are there, who toil every day by your side. Would you like to honor him almost.

Thanks old boy, you've earned the ... this playlist is for you ...



Plyomerics Online Workout

The Great Convergence ... that there 'is. Commentary on the Gospel of libertarian

In an article that was epoch , Becker and Stigler set a standard of human sciences: the explanation that occurs to the preferences of the subjects is always spoiled by tautology.

In other words, since it is possible to explain everything through your preferences, then we conclude that we can not explain anything.

Too easy to argue that things are in a certain way just because the parties involved prefer things to go well. Not true! So you can 'explain everything. Only by starting from 'environment, the social sciences provide an explanation plausible.

Corollary: the preferences of all are right or wrong good or bad homogeneous and stable, even if that were the 'environment, we see a great convergence .

Today, this "gold standard" assumption can 'be dropped, personality psychologists have shown that preferences are stable, but all' but homogeneous.

We are "different" - rassegnamoci - and this diversity depends not only on 'environment.

We are "different" because we have different personalities, for example, depend on how we are mixed in the big 5 :

Opening / Depth

scrupulosity / Spontaneity

Extraversion / Sobriety

Empathy / Emotional Coldness

/ Stability

Each of us can 'be described by a recipe by way' of ingredients, dosing and mixing in a different way the polarity of the above. Then he adds' intelligence, and the dish is served.

This could have practical relevance in several practical issues. Some examples:

EDUCATION: School performance, as well as work performance, are related to the care rather than to 'intelligence. If the opposite were true, the school may be replaced by rapid and less expensive tests in which you can not cheat. In contrast, a false diligence is always simulated in tests that measure, this is when a selective school becomes necessary as a guarantee.

CRIME ': Who lacks thoroughness and empathy the way of crime becomes attractive regardless of "how much pay.

DISCRIMINATION AT WORK: Women show greater empathy, it is therefore normal that privilege some jobs (teaching, nursing ...) than others (science, management ...) even in the absence of discrimination.

INSURANCE: Economists have never understood why life insurance and those who could not. Now we can say that for certain extremely scrupulous personalities can 'be reasonable to do so in the presence of low risk.

DISEASES: Now we know better that psychiatric disorders are just extreme cases of the normal distribution of possible personality. Eccentric tastes, in short, due mostly to a strong element of emotion. The request for help can 'then be interpreted as a way to forfeit the benefits (financial assistance, non-attribution ...).

RATIONALITY ': Keep irrational behavior can' be nice for someone. Example: A manager with a strong empathy can 'be disturbed by the dismissal of employees, and renounces although it would be reasonable for him to do so. Economists are puzzled and unable to comprehend such behavior. It 's normal to be so because they have secretly vowed not to resort to explanations that never tirassero dance in the "Preferences".

TROLLEY PROBLEM : throw the fat man under a train would be the ethics tells me the 'itrospezione; Except that: As a kind gesture and empathy disgusts me just to satisfy my need me "buy the 'error' in the ethical evaluation request.

details here.

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Gospel Luke 15, 11-32

at that time. The Lord Jesus said again: "A man had two sons. The younger one said to his father: "Father, give me the share of assets that belong to me." And he divided his wealth between them. A few days later, the younger son gathered all his belongings and set off for a distant country where he squandered his fortune by living debauchery. When he had spent all, there came a severe famine in that country, and he began to feel the pinch. So he went to serve a citizen of that country, who sent him into his fields to feed swine. He would gladly have fed on the pods which were fed the pigs, but nobody gave him anything. Then came to himself and said, "How many hired servants of my father's have bread enough and I perish here with hunger! I will get up, go to my father and say: Father, I have sinned against heaven and before thee, are no longer worthy to be called your son. Treat me like one of your employees. " He got up and returned to his father. When he was still way off, his father saw him, he had compassion and ran and fell on his neck and kissed him. The son said "Father I have sinned against heaven and before thee, are no longer worthy to be called your son." But the father said to his servants, 'Quickly, bring out the best robe and let her wear, Put the ring on his finger and sandals on his feet. Take the fattened calf and kill it; we are celebrating, because this my son was dead and is alive again, he was lost and is found ". And they began to celebrate. The eldest son was in the field. Come back when it was close to home, he heard music and dancing called one of the servants and asked what it was all that. That's said, "Your brother is here and your father has killed the fattened calf because he has him back safe and sound." He was indignant, and refused to go. His father then went out to beg. But he said to his father: "Behold, I slaved for years and not I have never disobeyed your command, and you've never given a young goat to celebrate with my friends. But now that this son of yours came back, who has devoured your substance with harlots, you killed for him the fatted calf. " The father said "Son, you are always with me and all that is mine is yours, but we must celebrate and rejoice, because your brother was dead and is alive again, he was lost and is found". "

We are facing one of the most moving pages of the Gospel, few doubt: beauty and truth go hand in hand here. I myself, made cynical by the attendance of many books, I feel a lump regularly in my throat when it is read. Yet, needless to say, always gives me an uneasy mistreated those who want to see justice. Why is the eldest son wants only what 'is right, and this has also reiterated in no uncertain terms the Don during the sermon!

How then to reconcile justice and mercy?

Hypothesis: the misericirdia must come from the heart spontaneously , justice must be enshrined in law .

L 'spontaneous expression of feeling is the result of a nature and an' appropriate education prior. Hard to imagine it as obedience to a command. On the contrary, we can be fair passively conforming to a fair precept.

concepts are already faced by anyone who knows Tibor Machan.

So why did not the eldest son rejoiced for the return of "minor"? Perhaps because he spent his life failing to educate properly. This is his fault, and I think the father excludes precisely because of that gap.

's love, mercy el' aid to the needy is a sublime fruit of our education (Christian). She has nothing to do with the law, which instead is inherent justice. It does so without detracting from the importance of the law.

There are perhaps best moral arguments against any form of welfare ?

How Much Does A Wedding In Pakistan Cost

Effect Poincaré

worry, the web will make you more informed, more educated, smarter and happier ... and if the biological memory of the brain remains unemployed, patience, it means that we have better.

But watch out for unusual connections between creativity and memory! Knows something about a man from 'average intelligence as Poincaré that to his surprise he found himself to be perhaps the greatest scientist of all time (*).

It is the Connection Between memory and creativity, Perhaps, Which Should Make U.S. Most wary of the web . 'As Our use of the Web Makes it harder for us to lock information into Our biological memory, we're forced to rely more and more on the net’s capacious and easily searchable artificial memory,’... But conscious manipulation of externally stored information is not enough to yield the deepest of creative breakthroughs: this is what the example of Poincaré suggests. Human memory, unlike machine memory, is dynamic. Through some process we only crudely understand – Poincaré himself saw it as the collision and locking together of ideas into stable combinations – novel patterns are unconsciously detected, novel analogies discovered. And this is the process that Google, by seducing us into using it as a memory prosthesis, threatens to subvert.

(*) and they know something even the great improvisers of music.

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men against men pretend to

In no human society on planet earth today hosted the status of women is equal to that of 'man ... In every country in the world she seems overwhelmed by hierarchically 'man ... and if we travel in time it is repeated: it always has been ... In some societies, the gap seems to shrink, expand into other ... but in all returns on time ... Why? ... Two theories have depopulated in the past ... The first believes in the superiority of innate 'in humans' ability to express certain (male theory) ... the second postulates a conspiracy of males tended to oppress Women ( feminist theory) ... both theories are rather incoherent when evaluated in light of the facts, mostly about finding a political-intellectualist 'evidence to support so weak that it can be defined as inconsistent ... then it is time to propose an alternative explanation and it is my intention to do so in this book ... if the radical feminists have staked everything on a mysterious conflict Men Against Women I privilegierò the much more blatant conflict men against men ... war army to commercial competition, the 'whole of human history repeated again and again sports uniforms male groups in which face each other ... lovers of the facts will be certainly 'much gratified by my guess ... but also those who look for "explanations" will find reasonable solid evolutionary reasons to give me credit ... if the conflict between men is so central, it is not surprising that the desire to be "successful", the 'taste for risk, for the vast organization, the hierarchy and the competitive situation are typical traits of their male psychology ... the male has the back of his creativity - the other male characteristic - his knowledge to innovate in search of ever more powerful in 'offense and defense ... it stands out among these weapons a "the Culture" ... - 's sports fan knows what I speak because he knows very well that even a beautiful dream team of All Stars only succumb to honest players in the field ... well-organized chidetevi about why women just love to follow sports, and everywhere, even when they love are less obsessed with the "score" ... or fixed by the "winner" and "losers" that haunts the 'man in the bar when he brandishes the newspaper preferred nervously leafing ... Well, the "culture" is nothing but a means to organize and coordinate the multitude ... "culture" is thus born into a reality 'inside of the "male sphere" ... something that men have created to pursue the most of their goals ... so a "culture" (institutions, banks, finance, science, big business, military, police ...) works well, requires constant sacrifice, competition, attitude to risk, competitive spirit, desire to overcome, a desire to prevail ... that requires to be continuously fed with a fuel made even explosive - if not primarily - from life ... all things perfectly in line with the low value of male life than women ... now it just so happens that this strange beast - the "culture" - has enjoyed great progress over the millennia and centuries, so we have also seen a rise of male status ... its sphere of interest, following the stunning successes reaped, made him socially richer, more influential, more powerful ... nothing comparable has happened in the "female world" ... which is practically stops at the point where he was thousands of years ago ... Recently, women have entered the world of "culture" and there have been misunderstandings ... but it was inevitable that she was so ... Coming from the world of "care" and the 'loving "preservation" hardly agrees to become cannon fodder ... difficult to get that thirst for victory that enhances the 'man in' agony to make a child ... difficult point-blank to consider one's life as expendeble ... 's mistake was then also powered by some feminists perpetually in love with concepts such as "discrimination" ... some discriminatory practices are always possible, it excludes none, but here 's attention was directed elsewhere ... 's relevant factor was the fact that the women asked not to be treated like most of the men had always been treated or, as any life as expendable and replaceable ... little worthy of respect without earning a hit from the field and smiles, however, a small minority ... too many men, I must say, they fall in 'misunderstanding to think that women want to join them working on their own bases ...

Roy Baumeister - Is there anything good about men

What Should Your Bmi Be If You Want To Wear A Bi


in talk show on TV, like on the problem page of newspapers, often commented on the fact that the 'modern man is so reluctant to engage with the ladies .... do not hesitate to speak of "fear" in making the big step ... these poor children so shaky in the face of strong, decisive figures such as those embodied by their female counterpart ... But maybe this reluctance would be better to consider not so much as a fear that such behavior rational easy to explain ... the dissemination of contraceptives has increased the status of 'man ... the "sexual revolution" was a positive revolution in particular the 'man ... now the boys are looking for easy sex without long term commitments to shoulder ... women, since they do not run more risks, are available and allow themselves more easily to the gym favorite bulls ... once, to gain certain privileges sex, you had to win at least an entire Kingdom ... now that you can have a good time to time, is very normal to want to prolong this period of "youth good living" ... 's other hand, the woman seeking primarily a mother and a companion that alongside the magical experience reassuring ... for she has become very difficult to stop a good party, especially if he wishes the same age ... and then, about desire ... we have long known that women in the "mating" the person looking for the most wealthy and successful, on the other hand man 's real beauty ... here, if this is so, let us ask ourselves a bit 'in favor of those who work the "time". It's simple: when the beauty fades with time, the 'man increases his wealth .... if we add the icing of the 'biological clock (for the woman playing soon, for' man hardly ever) the accounts are made soon ... Other than reluctance and "fear" of 'unknown ... Another fellow who decided that "they know what they want "... after many hesitations c 'is only one rational choice aimed at enhancing the gifts that the" sexual revolution "and the pill have bestowed on a tray of' silver male contemporary ..."

Roy Baumeister - Is there anything good about man?

C 'is the one who goes further in considering the effects of the dynamics of grafted by the "sexual revolution" and the pill: the rarity of males exacerbates women's competition.

How to become more attractive as in the theme of exaltation of the beauty we have already scraped the bottom of the barrel? A good strategy recommended to study, to get his degree, take the master ... take two ... three.

's women's education would be increased substantially so that the modern woman "sculettare" in front of a male ever more demanding since the "sexual revolution" has delivered a sharp knife by the handle.

The source of the last considerations is Gary Becker: Tratise on Family.

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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Oarty At Hooters

The diet of the Minotaur Dreams

Take a group of people, say all those who are alive today on planet earth. Now consider their ancestors who are wondering how many women and men.

not arrovellatevi, accounts made them for you Jason Wilder assisted by his team after a 'thorough analysis of the DNA: the progenitor women are almost 70%, the ancestors of men slightly more than 30. How

everything 'can you understand it should be noted that half the children born today in central Asia, is a descendant of Genghis Khan.

Considering that among the new born and girls constitute 50% of the total, what do we get?

Simple, do we get that for reproductive purposes a woman's life is worth much much more a male life. At the same availability, are more women than men.

is a "winning culture" can not 'miss a similar account of the servant.

Apparently this simple fact is the most underrated of human history.

a conclusion so easily verifiable as linear, it seems counterintuitive, if not bewildering. Why? Perhaps because different view, however fragile, is being publicized and disseminated in a noisy propaganda of politicized feminism .

Think Gloria Steinem and Naomi Wolf , for example. Both, in the epigraph to their books, mention that in the U.S. each year 150,000 women die from annihilated 'anorexia. According to them, are the models proposed by the media to ask such a monstrous holocaust. After that

'Preclaro example, the homework now the standard feminist plays in the stencil: it curls a 'whatever anecdotal concluded then that the prevailing culture imola women on her altar. It is assumed that men's lives are instead preserved under glass like precious relics. Here, the press release this kind of book that runs continuously indifferent to the questions.

Well, if the message is overwhelming to this effect will be a surprise to find that the opposite is true.

When we hear on the news that "among the victims were women and children, it is understood that those lives are deemed more valuable.

When the ship sinks give priority to women and children, this is a sign of the kind of culture which exists in those people.

Crafts dangerous accidents, prison, capital punishment, war ... is nearly always the 'man who goes in between.

Our culture is very valuable but it c 'is like a Minotaur, which calls for continuous human sacrifices. Tastes of the Minotaur are accurate: he wants to males, possibly younger.

Some men are very precious lives during a nuclear attack, the life of the President of the USA (probably a male), receives particular attention. But the vast majority is cannon fodder.

Culture pushes the 'man at risk: very few will climb the summit, all other is for a kind of abyss. But it is logical that this is so: to advance the human race is just an alpha male surrounded by thousands of women (all valuable). The rest is useless and can 'serve as food for the Minotaur.

PS. If you saw this post in a plaintive tone, you're off the road. Just consider that culture is always a creature designed by men to pursue their own ends.

PS. Some might say "in many cases the male can 'choose alternatives to self-sacrifice." "Click"? But no one chooses ... "Culture is the baby! Maybe you do not understand but a feminist generation, those for whom the word "choose" has little or no effect, will surely understand.

PS. In that sense it is said that "culture exploits the 'man'. Culture is not an agent endowed with volition, it is only a system by which people coordinate their lives. The "logic" of Trapattoni 'sacrificed' the right wing by providing that ran incessantly up and down the strip. Here, the sense of "exploitation" is a bit 'that.

PS. 150000 to the victims of anorexia 'years reported by Wolf and Steinem were a canard originated from unverified data. The U.S. deaths were found about 70. Were 150,000 cases of anorexia that someone (?) Was estimated. In short, quisquillie.

What Doujinshi Has Both Dragon Ball And Pokemon


To accommodate the flights of fancy of the young ladies with eyes intent on accarezzre the polished jewels by Van Cleef & Arple, was chosen as a tapestry with dripping music, such that the four walls ooze the spirit of 'elegance, the spirit of beauty The spirit of 'adventure and the spirit of nature.

A kind of Webern pointillism. Provided tonal dissonance scared and distracted the young ladies dreaming.

Yoshio Machida - The Spirit of Beauty-Van Cleef & Arpels Exhibition Soundtracks

Problems After Silver Nitrate Treatment

Wilma takes the club.

According to Susan Cross and Laura Madsen women are more predisposed towards "socializzzione ... we get a phenomenon like that of the attacks, according to scholars because women tend to avoid them more committed to the preservation of social bonds ... is an explanation to 'apparently plausible but, quite simply, does not agree with the observed facts ... studying what happens in intimate relationships, researchers have noticed how women express aggression unexpected ... this surpasses their ability the male ... It is not politically correct to say it, but this conclusion is supported by consolidated evidence ... In other words, is more likely that the woman is psychologically and physically attacking his partner - you go from slap to 'use of deadly weapons ... These attacks do not receive 's attention that the average allocation to male aggression for several reasons ... 1. 's man is less likely to report violence received ... 2. when there is mutual violence, the police tend to focus on 'man ... 3. women seem more comfortable in the role of victims ... 4. (By far the most important reason) that men are bigger and bigger and, with the same violent intent, the damage is much larger ... Women are also responsible for the majority of child abuse, although this finding is weakened by consideration that they spend more time with the children ... the fact is that, considering the 'evidence, women are more likely to violence if the' survey is limited to intimate relationships ... however, she hardly hit a stranger ... a woman also expressed resistance to press a button to kill enemies far away and unknown, even when they are still valid reasons ... but the thing that 'man is apt to do if his calculations there is a convenience ... the field studies also tell us that the 'man "help" than the woman, but because much of the research focuses on situations where the benefit is an almost unknown or ... in fact the 'attachment of women for family members appears to be greater than that expressed by 'man ... conclude by saying that women have more social skills only if we define "social" equivalent to "one-to-one close intimate relation", but in cases in which they are involved "Broader group connection 'the man seems more sensitive, for better or bad ... I feel obliged to add that after the 'documented exposure of our subjects, and Laura Susan Cross Masden have abandoned their positions prior to move gradually to coincide with the interpretations given here too ... that is how science should work ... "

Roy Baumeister - Is there anything good about men?

Curious about the experiments conducted on "children in the yard" left to play for a 'now, boys, perhaps superficially, good or bad all interact with each other and girls, by contrast, tend to create small groups that bind while very isolating. Even the 'introduction of "third party" to trouble' internal torque from different outcomes: boys tend to receive, the girls do, however, the wall. Results are consistent with the fact that she is more concerned to safeguard the 'quality of intimacy and connection, the male to extend it.

SOURCES: on women more prone to violence as a couple, the meta is more comprehensive than J. Archer: Sex Differences in aggression betwen heterosexsual partners: a review metanalytical - Psychological Bulletin, 126, 697-702.


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Pathophysiology Of Anemia Pernicious

Peace made between the 'analogue electronics and all aspects of human life. A peace agreement signed during the year zero.

I think to the 'analogue' to everything as' that gets in the way disturbing the language clean the glass: hiccup, burp, sigh, sob, pause, stutter, tics, hesitation ...

At last, the 'e can' dedicate themselves to rebuilding the teeming life that inexhaustible swarms between a digit el 'more, including a syllable el 'the other, between a musical note el' other.

many stunted bushes live and develop their fascinating intricacies between lush plants that monopolize the 'interest of the Gardener.

Here is a meticulous investigator of this undergrowth, one better than others we submit that swarm vitalistic. Under his drum sticks (he's a drummer, better said) everything trembles in irregular pulse, from the myriad of combinations sooner or later something will stand.

Peace made between the 'e-el' sound, this is the largest news that gives us the music of the year zero.

Alexander Schubert - Plays Sinebag

Portable Masterbation Dolls For Men

Underwood is the 'frame' that you care, girls. Rustic Classicism

attend the site in feminist Lipperatura I realized 's emphasis on those parts of the concept of "framing" : does not matter so much what you say, because the signals that radiate the particular discursive formulas adopted. There are " frame " discriminatory you are worth condemning sexist regardless of the concept expressed in your message. So beware: an appraisal of the frame "is how to read behind the mask, and just apply the techniques of misrepresentation as a 'adeguanta investigation of the" framing "will be able to deconstruct it.

It so happens that in parallel to those acquaintances, I was reading Roy Baumeister according to which 'morbosetta attention to "signs" ... indicates something that does not help the fight against gender stereotypes. Indeed, the food.

To understand this conclusion, you need to know the 'background.

The thought expressed by Roy Baumeister, in an attempt to build stereotypes accurate identifies the difference between man and woman in the grounds rather than skills. According to its huge database, women invest more in 'empathy' s man in systematic thinking. The woman would show more sensitive to the person in the flesh in front of him, the 'man is stimulated when instead focuses on' individual statistics, a sort of "neighbor" in the abstract. The women farmers the most intimate relationships (one-to-one), the 'man finds his ideal size when anonymous can weave abstract relations that connect the multitude. And so on.

course, each of us would be both "empathic" and "systematic", but we can not have all the resources are limited and characteristics between the two exists an inevitable trade-offs that women and men resolve otherwise.

But Roy does go over, wants to ward off the "culture" of human groups (knowledge, politics, trade, institutions ...).

The "Culture" is a system built to coordinate the best social life of the group, a sort of "market", and just as the market as the system extends, the more efficient and engaging. Since each of the enlarged system is 'and abstraction of' anonymity its hinge, as just said everyone understands why the "world culture" has always been a male prerogative.

Roy Baumeister, throughout the book, then suggests a myriad of clues that can bring together grist to the mill of his thesis. Among the other noted the particular sensitivity to the "framing" an 'exclusive of women, or almost. In short, while all 'man-speaking interested to get the message, the woman-speaker is closer to "how" is passed and the care with which it is packaged (framing):

"... in the book by Deborah Tannen ( You just don ' Understand t), based on the work of the linguist Robin Lakoff, unfolds as the 'blind man in a language "clear", "strong" and "unequivocal", while women opt for kindness, gentle and indirect style .. . In a restaurant, a woman says to the waiter, "Could I please have some water maybe When you get a chance? I 'm really thirsty. I 'm sorry. Thank you '. The man will just say so: "Could we get some water over there? ... a feminist points out the difference in wording is the result of a different distribution of power and the consequent oppression suffered, but I prefer to note that the formula (the "framing") women is more polished and more suitable for a peer interaction, and is also most appropriate to establish some form of sympathetic intimacy, but little felt need by 'man, which seeks more willingly to the clarity and the final result ...".

I personally think that gender stereotypes of Baumeister (those blue ) are well made, also because what you want, I can bring them to the message conveyed on the furthest point of the 'Academy. One thing however at this point is certain: for a woman who considers harmful, the worst strategy to combat them is to focus on "framing." In this way, would only confirm them!

Roy Baumeister: Is There Anything Good About Men?

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Why Wont It Let Me Drag

In Santo Stefano Belbo c 'I was eating snails with my "lost friend" Morra (where are you? All those parts are called Morra and I can not find you!).

I had already seen much in that 'time. I had seen the opera 'obese bumblebee, smell the miasma of maidenhair, heard the noise of the crickets was going to handle. It was nestled in the brain even for those 'smell rasping of the hills and vineyards. I noticed the path that jut out and / or the notched edge. It seemed to me to even hear those loud bands all huddled in search of safety first on the clarinet that brings them (the 'only one with a' smattering), but the victims of 'relentless stupidity of bombardeni and genis.

So I think in due time (20 years ago) that if I ever read a book, what would have been told of this outlying village. So classic, so rustic.


He is a person full of aches, a bad life and temporary decrepit feels like only a woman or a goat can 'be, poor thing, so afflicted by "veterans" too "civilized" to know how to defend, with the "waiver" easy, the 'attitude given to surrender, the boredom of "expect," run, the desire to "let win" which is equipped to react and who dies in our hands: rejected by thousands of women and a thousand trades, who committed suicide as a rock star. An 'icon of adolescent school desk with the butts as under Leopard can only' be.

But the real ailments of 'age are the remorse, the remorse and the torment walk through the native mulling the past, when the Pillars of Hercules' were not in Gibraltar but Canelli, when the world came to flush him out from there with hunger.

language idioms with which he makes' universe inhabited by people with eyes that controls the family and just says "yes" and "no" to the stranger, ill agree with the 'tilt of the brooding protagonist.

him, having escaped, now drinking coffee pushing the little finger, can 'tell' s sinister and distressing experience of peasant women who die without care, or exhausted and bled by the parties, old and young fans begging the streets and end up abandoned when they are no longer even good to ask, the sadistic obsessions that mountain farms in the co 'the mold, cold wall manned by skeletons of dogs with distemper that crazy if you lean.

's just the cold that makes it look bright moist eyes of farmer. In fact inhabit a country where the flies are better than Christians. Works and scores, work and Sparta. But it's never enough.

hardly his women will survive the "joke", especially on Sundays, when the party back on its hooves tipsy from the country after the vermouth and the card game that seals a week in which he laid the hoe just to challenge the rincola, and laid the roncolasolo to give the sulfate or bring Cavagna. The blow was heavy but the crash moms, you know, crying softly, even if they have good bones minimize, whining, do small odd verses in an attempt to believe and pretend that everything is already finished - but it is a war learn against sensitive whiskers children - but not over come upon them because of the stupidity of another shot, moaning like sparrows with the 'broken wing: their face is deformed and recomposed continuously. Then, after the Burian, pulling out a handkerchief and put them in their corner (die sooner or later, you'll find a cold morning lying in bed with his teeth open, and the 'idle trigger yet impotent rage). The children, while attending to 'the beginning of a discussion that is only the prologue to the straps, approach to' door, without even really want to escape from the clutches are clear-cut case called into question. E 'terribly easy "to be called in question" when there' is no "cause" at stake. Then, after the "free all ", the campaign turns to brown, some people think" that cold, it will cool off? can I return? ", someone else thinks" one day the 'kill. "Then the signal: the mother calls them all by the door with a furious voice, as if the seats. Every now and then, from a rickety el' the other, a daughter born with eyes like the hearts of the poppy, more sensible, for (maybe) to a life "not stupid". Guggi Otherwise, sack, polenta, chickpea, grass for rabbits and ignorance of those who do not know what happens beyond the Bormida. Just open a radio from time to time. Maybe.

After cronachetta which only goes from the teribile and tasty, following the brutal ideological synthesis: the world is badly and you have to do it again, the fault lies with the money, and of those who 'invented, that the government must burn with its defenders. Then you can go back to listen to the fairy tale with fine eyes, the beautiful effect that ventilates the vent worm, you can go back to the bonfire ritual in the moonlight.

Cesare Pavese - the moon and the bonfires

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Roman And Greek Allusions In Romeo

Who comes first? Photo of multicolor

... the 'chicken or the egg?

... figüüüüüüra that ... The professor does not know!

(the chicken is made with the shells by Kyle Bean)

Where To Find Mpt 4.2.1a For Free

private school Italic II

I used the twelve lines of blacks previous post as it is reasonable to conclude, speaking of school, move resources to the private sector.

There are reasons to ' ethics: the family must be able to choose without incurring charges.

There are reasons to ' innovation: more roads are fighting, more discoveries are made.

There are reasons to ' economy: the cost per pupil, with the same results, almost halved.

There are reasons to quality: a little 'anywhere in the free world is the private to offer the best performance.

then arises the question why I felt the 'need for this post: because the battle for reform is often snubbed so reasonable?

I try to line up three reasons:

1. The battle for the "privatization" of the school is a "public good " Who am I doing this to make a commitment when so expensive then, if successful, the rewards will be collected from everyone? The organized minorities (state teachers) have such a good game in 'up a wall to defend the status quo.

2. Policy, controlling nearer the monopoly of 'education, also controls a form of' indoctrination and is therefore interested in publicizing the advantages of this institution. Through this channel can 'tell, for example, how beautiful our Constitution (translated: to obey' authority is good and right). Since interest is such bypartisan , even charitable view is expressed bypartisan and then mistaken for an objective assessment.

3. In a privatized landscape the family must choose, and this can 'be a source of anguish .

I pause on the third issue that I find the less obvious and debated. Imagine

so that there are three very simple alternative: red School: Quality 100, line 100 ; School Green quality 70, line 70 ; School Blue: quality 50, 50 straight.

Imagine now that the Harry Family is rational to choose the blue School.

The "family values" but is strongly felt among the spouses Harry, who can not admit that in their head hotels the thought of "not having done their best to their children . Still less can bear the 'idea that something like that creep in the opinion of others. Just crazy to imagine.
I also live in an environment that idealizes training school giving great set, giving them the best school (when in the bottom with great sacrifices could also afford it) means abdicating the role of parents model.

is then open for Harry unattractive two-way: either live in a distressing condition , or live in a state irrational.

veer toward the "private school", for these reasons, it seems a ploy sacrodsanta, but only if we are dealing with reasonable people can overcome their biases. 'S idea of \u200b\u200birrational "having to give up their children " nestles easily into the fragile psychology of a parent.

Sometimes, it seems paradoxical, it is preferable to be a 'tax rather than live with the' obsession ' did not give the best for their children " .

The rationalist has then a double front on which to fight: that the organization 's system (+ private) and that of family psychology ( Overcoming bias !).

I am an optimist and I think that both companies can be carried out.

ps Reflection is a "side effect" of talks with Sara and others about the method Estivill to sleep children.

add: "less state" - universal recipe now even in Old Europe. On a well-documented book of James Zagardo: The diamond .

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Funny Cute Save The Date Quotes

Meditation on the Gospel of libertarian 02/20/2011

Matthew 9, 27-35

at that time. While the Lord Jesus went on from there, two blind men followed him shouting: "Son of David, have mercy on us." Entered the house, the blind men approached and Jesus said to them: "Do you think I can do this?". They answered, "Yes, Lord." Then he touched their eyes and said, "Let it be for you according to your faith." And their eyes were opened. Then Jesus sternly warned them: "See that no one knows about." But they went out and spread the news throughout the region. Leaving them, offered him a dumb man possessed. And after the devil was cast out, the dumb man speak. And the crowds were amazed, saying, "It was never so seen in Israel." But the Pharisees said, "He casts out demons by the prince of demons." Jesus went through all the towns and villages, teaching in their synagogues and preaching the gospel of the kingdom and healing every sickness and every disease.

order that the miracle be done, Jesus asks " confidence."

The evil thinks with a fund of sarcasm: "Yeah, someone who already believe what they see is not reliable witness."

But Jesus does not ask that kind of confidence.

Jesus asks believe in the possibility of a miracle.

believe in the possibility of a miracle in some cases makes the more rational faith in the miracle of faith if .

The reasoning is this: if the possibility of a miracle is extremely small and, simultaneously, the possibility that an event will occur is extremely remote, if someday that 'event occur, there will be more reasonable to believe in a miracle that in an accident.

From CS Lewis, to Cardinal Newman, to Francis Collins, 't have explained many. Behind the conclusion C 'is the Bayesian rationality, the same used by science. 'S one thing that is required is the' opening to the possibility, however small, of a miracle ( Bayesian a priori).

I'd say give a chance to reveal a miracle ' greater openness than the granite a priori certainty of its impossibility !

Clear Drink With Colored Balls For Sale

The "Scazzi" enlightening

A dragon kidnaps These the king's daughter calls for help and has the son of a farmer who sets out in search of the beautiful. For the way he meets an old woman who decides to let him keep a herd of wild horses. He succeeds and the old woman gives him a magical animal that is revealed, the horse takes flight on 'island where is the princess. The 'hero kills the dragon, he returned to the court and receives in return from the King's hand of the Princess.

an accident happens, you are asked to help 'hero, he sets out in search, who met on the street after being subjected to a test, reward him with a magical gift, thanks to the gift of the' hero can ' accomplish its mission and collect his reward.

The blue part is called Weave, the green part called structure.

In this book, Vladimir Propp identifies structures around which are various plots of fairy tales (fairy tales).

am 31.


A book is now history, but also boring, like most of the Catalog of non-fiction 'Einaudi.

Fortunately, in the appendix, to revive the greyness of the volume, c 'is the "Scazzi" blood with Claude Levi Strauss.

In his review, after a half a page of praise, CLS begins with the beating. Every now and then pulls the wind tossed other compliments that can serve as an ideal prologue to 'mercilessly scorned to follow.

I have to say here that CLS is the classic French intellectual that makes 'a darkness' s honor. To make the cost of the effort from the Giant for not being understood, were his fellow followers. The convoluted style of Derrida and Deleuze went on to saying. Personally, after an initial infatuation, I then developed a repentance through which sensed the presence of worms in the product, as the packaging would make it stylish and recommendations 'effect of' the words (difficult) in Freedom "unleashed the ambitions that highbrow we all have, some more and some less.

However, in reply, providentially required by 'publisher to author', the blood boils and then Russian Propp are sparks.

The discussion at the white heat exempts from the jargon and forced to speak out, so we lay, finally, we hope to figure it out.

CLS VP accused of " formaslismo.

in those days was how to get excommunicated el 'expulsion from universities all over the kingdom.

just forgot to say that 'Orthodoxy was not "contenutivi ", as one might expect the' naive living in the past, but the " structuralism .

But what differentiates "formalism" and "structuralism"? The first conceives still a distinction between "form" and "content", according to the 'has abolished.

" The dragon abducts the princess " has resulted in 'structural element' a disgrace happens "in order to expel the" subjects "and focus on" actions ". The intuition is reasonable to think that the" actions "are constant while the" subjects "vary. But 's fundamentalist what CLS' is not enough, he wants to reduce everything to structure, even the names ! ... Also "dragon" is basically a structure to be traced, maybe going back to the ethnographic study of people with which circulates the story.

In short, the reductionist CLS structure is everything, even their names. In fact, strictly speaking, according to the "descriptive theory ", meaning each can 'be reduced to a description, a "history" if you will, and then to a structure.

The fact is that a semantic theory of gender s' implanted on their names. He explained that the length and breadth damper Saul Kripke thus recovering the notion of essence. A real garlic for relativism to the bitter end.

CLS is the classical representation of twentieth-century nihilism, that against which, with some delay, thunders the Catholic Church from time to time. For him everything is reducible to the structure, and fairy tales, myths, religions, are a bit 'all the same thing. Even the stories of the people, being reducible to a schemino are all essentially similar: there is a schemino "superior" to others. C 'is one who goes to the moon, c' is the next one who eats and who helped him create more affluent societies. All, fundamentally, "schemini" social.

VP does not seem to have much time to waste with the philosophy and then sent "to hell" and told him to get out of CLS, however, and stop doing embroidery in heaven "abstractions of abstractions." Him - VP - to tame the beast untamed which are the fairy tales collected by the 31 structures devised Afanasev and they succeed very well. Instead of thanking here then that is found in front of this Professorin that makes fleas fleas: that rather than try to find a story that is not prepared by him in the cage. That is a bit dirty 'hands with the most " materials. Roll up your sleeves is the best way to dispel the nonsense that they do it that way lucubrate French.

That said, the Russian scholar is careful not to "send to hell" Structuralism with CLS. Calls to join the sect even showing the credentials and modify certain ambiguity. But it was so normal, that was the established religion 's intellectual nihilist twentieth century, and the totem then do not tolerate insults.

Vladimir Propp - Morphology of the Folktale

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Metformin Chlorine Smell

Paleo TV vol. II

I memorized the lesson and now I know that with his deadly undertow consciences falls into a black hole to reset them washed out and restoring ancient programs, yet still willing to take a trip in company with the most powerful demon of our age.

Only two questions: 1

. Pippo 's advertised hippo diapers because of the lines of' insert? If they do, 'I realized in 2011.

2. Who remembers carousel which was contained in SI-RE-SI-RE?

Systemic Candida Fungi

multicolor photo of Italian private school

The data indicate that students have on average lower scores private (testing PISA) compared to those of the public. Italy is one of the few cases where this happens: usually the opposite is true. According to some analysis, the lower performance of private schools is due to the fact that they tend to recruit students less motivated, those who are struggling to advance in public schools.

The red line is questionable since the data do not allow A comparison: the Pisa test did not intend to compare public schools and private schools, so tested the sample of private schools is in no way representative . A

what 'would add that the difference between government and private non-funded (3%) is statistically insignificant . The graph, built in a hurry for propaganda purposes after the outputs of the Premier, the truncation of the Black Order 'irrelevance of the gap.

However, and here I speak a rule of thumb, would not surprise me find similar results in a real search. This

'that should not be overlooked an important fact: the private win in terms of consumer satisfaction . It is not just for anyone who thinks that the school is done for the family and not vice versa. We then

in mind that our findings can not be held ceteris paribus: the cost per pupil in private almost halved!

We then say that the results of the tests INVALSI do not correspond at all with those reported here? But it is plain that this is so because, again, who has prepared these tests was not interested in the issues we are discussing here.

Finally, it is useful to remember that it should competition from private to state : where are the first second of the average quality rises. Even

the green line seems reliable because of the "private" are largely the CFP, schools often play the "dirty work", the rescue drop out and start up the profession.

And then, frankly speaking, (and here I still rely on the "rule of thumb") who does not know at least a case of desperate families who have recourse to private school for her son slacker? With stuff like this can not work miracles .

But in my view, however, the staff is more important the blue line.

For obvious reasons, in any sector of the state service is synonymous with quality. no accident anywhere in the world, "the private" than a lot of the "state" , and common sense tell us that could not be otherwise: what it's worth in just qalsiasi sector continues to apply to the school. Why then do we constitute a 'exception?

Perhaps because the school conforms to the company where they will live those who visit.

And then detects the fact that 'Italy is considered the country of annuities: If dad has a pharmacy, the child is in place, he will be pharmacist. The 'only thing that is needed to settle the damn piece of paper.

This applies to many activities, from university professor to the representative of commerce, a place waiting for Daddy's boy ol 'friend ... now there is even the 'register of building managers. In societies

little competitive piece of paper is all , and as the "private" must ensure consumer satisfaction do somersaults to please the customer.

In contrast, competitive society such as Nordic or Anglo-Saxon ones, 'you need is the preparation, ensuring that only you can' maximize consumer satisfaction.

What conclusion after blacks 12 lines above?

I confine myself here to 'central teaching: turn towards a more competitive (or freer) and invest as much money as possible in the private school .

It seems to me that the speech wires in both theory and practice.

+ + +

To close I express my personal opinion if called in ideal conditions to choose between public and private sectors. Anywhere in the world is the private school to provide the 'excellence, but this service costs, taxes went to see' s inclusion of the most exclusive institutions.

I think it is possible to check off fees so high only because people tend to overestimate the education services. Fortunately, there is a strong theory 'that explains Academy well this bias.

In other words, I do not think that the quality differential differential compensation that is absent in 'financial commitment required to' user.

+ + +

Sources: The graph with the findings in the red line 'I've taken off the site Voice info. 'S observation referred to blue line and the explanation referred to the green line the take from an article in Corriere della Sera by Maurizio Ferrera. Many blacks staves them has inherited from the various articles on the site Luisa Ribolzi The Subsidiary . The theory of 'Academy is outlined on the site Cato Unbound Charles Murray and Bryan Caplan. solo-un-idea-falsa-di-Repubblica/133355 /

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Does Dramamine Help With 3d


Ideas For Tiled Walk In Showers

Press Release Codemotion

The Javaday changes and becomes Codemotion

Javaday For four years, Rome has offered a unique event in Italy for content, flow and spirit. The captivating atmosphere of Javaday has earned and involve the participants and sponsors. To continue to be the landmark event for developers, the Javaday evolves and becomes Codemotion.

Codemotion takes a big leap compared to Javaday: open to all languages \u200b\u200band technologies, catalyzing even more sources of creativity and job opportunities. Finally, shifts the focus from a product (Java, at the time of Sun, now Oracle) to discipline means the planning for the benefit of all. The

Codemotion be held in Rome on 5 March 2011.
The entrance to the event is free as always.
For further information:

Friday, February 11, 2011

Australian Shepherd Cross Poodle´

NASA shows the first complete 3D image of the Sun

NASA has presented for the first time images of the entire solar surface and atmosphere, thanks to the work of the two Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory, known as probes (Stereo) launched in 2006 will now provide a complete mapping of the Sun . How do you remember the English newspaper El Mundo, the two probes in fact now in orbit opposite sides of the Sun in 2007 had provided the first three-dimensional images of our star.

The new photos will be used to improve climate predictions and planning of future space missions: the studies have focused on solar storms (Coronal Mass Ejections, CMEs) whose effects due to high energy particles can not only influence communications on the ground but also be harmful to astronauts in orbit. Scientists point out that it is important to have a global image of the Sun, given that on some occasions the solar activity seem to affect the whole star.

Source: / articles / science /

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Impetigo Or Herpes On Nose

C # a method linq interesting ToObservableCollection ()


back after a long wait to publish a post in C # ... who has not ever had to write an extension method ... Today I propose an interesting extension method for linq:

   namespace System.Linq {

public static class ExtensionMethod
public static ObservableCollection ToObservableCollection ( this IEnumerable e)
if (e != null )
return new ObservableCollection (e);
return null ;

a beautiful straight to solve different problems ... to the next!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Leather Sofa, Storing In Cold

A despicable way to use the tape

In South Tyrol, a stunt would be very costly. Read the article

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Aldactone Cause Leg Cramps

Fmpack Rai 3 in the program Agora

Friday, February 4, 2011

Afterprom Hotel In Hamptons

Edit on the blade of the dispenser 25 DSH

We found a client with the possibility that the blade of our DSH 25 from kinking when using double sided tape rather resistant.

We therefore decided to replace the current blade with a flat blade with teeth short, sharp and hardened.

This arrangement should exclude the recurrence of this incident.