Tuesday, January 18, 2011

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Chicken gm stop H5N1

A chicken gm unable to transmit the avian influenza virus. A change has been researchers at the University of Cambridge and Edinburgh (United Kingdom), which shows the results of their study in Science. According to British researchers, the creation of a chicken immune to viral transmission could help reduce the risk of new outbreaks in poultry and also, indirectly, in the human population.

Avian influenza, which we often heard in recent years, commonly affects wild birds, and occasionally it may concern even the flocks of poultry. Here, given the conditions in which animals live (the proximity of the cages, for example), the pathogen can spread very quickly.

Chicken changed in the United Kingdom, by contrast, seems able to block the virus HPAI H5N1, a subtype of the causative agent of avian influenza is particularly dangerous. To achieve this, the researchers inserted the DNA of birds have a gene that encodes for an RNA decoy, a molecule that acts as a lure: cheat the system replication of the virus, preventing proper operation. As a result, a chicken that gets infected by the flu virus develops and dies, but can not transmit the disease to other birds with which it comes into contact, whether transgenic or not. The 'bait' is also designed to work against all strains of avian influenza.

"The genetic modification that we have included in chickens is a first step towards the development of animals that are completely resistant to avian influenza," said Laurence Tiley, University of Cambridge, one of the authors: "Preventing the transmission of the virus would help to reduce the economic impact of the disease and the risk to humans. Although, it is well to note that GM animals are intended for research and non-food consumption. "

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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

H. Pylori And Emedicine

captured by satellites, the first images of baby stars of the Andromeda galaxy

The first images of the stars that are forming now in the Andromeda Galaxy, the nearest to Earth, satellites have been captured by the European Space Agency (Esa) XMM-Newton and Herschel.

shooting in the days around Christmas, are the first images you see Andromeda X-ray and infrared, "coloring" of red, orange and yellow discs on its spiral. The same ones that appear in the observation optics of a blue that is becoming increasingly blurred and weak proceeding from the inside out.

In infrared images sent to Earth from the satellite Herschel hundreds of billions of stars in Andromeda appear very bright and, especially, are much more numerous than we imagined. In clouds of cold dust are real incubators of star formation, warning of a process that could take hundreds of millions of years.

So is the time needed before a star reaches an intensity that make it visible to conventional telescopes. For the first time, moreover, the Herschel Telescope images show that the dust in the galaxy are organized in five concentric rings.

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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Are you right or left? Determine the areas of the brain

E 'all started from a joke British actor Colin Firth: repented supporter of the Liberal Democrats, the protagonist of King's Speech had told the BBC that their leader Nick Clegg "should scan the brain."

A neuroscientist took him at his word: he examined the gray mass of two members of Parliament and 90 students and concluded that the brains of those who tend to support a conservative party is different from that of those who thinks the left. Election campaigns, posters and debates on television are therefore unnecessary to change the flag to an individual, as a political convictions are determined by the development of the brain more than passion, ended Geraint Reese, director of the Institute of Cognitive Neeuroscience University College London (UCL).

Rees has noted a "strong correlation" between the thickness of two areas of gray matter, amygdala and anterior cingulate, and the political convictions of the person. The "guinea pigs", which included MPs Stephen Pound, Labour and Tory Alan Duncan, had all decided political opinions. Who thought of them to the right amygdala had the most developed, while the ideas of the left anterior cingulate were tied to a more often. The amygdala, almond-shaped area in the center of the brain is usually associated with feelings such as anxiety and other strong emotions, while the area of \u200b\u200bthe anterior cingulate would be responsible for qualities such as courage, optimism and the ability to resolve complex situations in which the data available to contrast with each other.

Examination of the brains of Pound and Duncan confirmed the theory: the 'scan' of the man revealed an anterior cingulate Labour more often than that of Tory MPs, while in both the amygdala had a comparable size. "We were really surprised," Rees said: "It 's the proof that our political views are encoded in the structure of the brain, or that there is something in our brain that determines our political views." Remains to be seen, since the guinea pigs were all adults, whether the thickening of the areas 'policies' of the brain was there from birth or has developed differently over the years.

The research, which will be published next year but of which damage the British news media, supports previous studies at the University of California that some people would be born with a 'gene progressive', the neurotransmitter DRD4, which makes them more prone to embrace unconventional positions. Other scientists, however, had asked to be taken lightly these results: the picture that emerges from it in fact describes the man-conservative as "stupid" and "lover of routine," while its counterpart as a liberal "open" and the "free spirit" .

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