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The "Scazzi" enlightening

A dragon kidnaps These the king's daughter calls for help and has the son of a farmer who sets out in search of the beautiful. For the way he meets an old woman who decides to let him keep a herd of wild horses. He succeeds and the old woman gives him a magical animal that is revealed, the horse takes flight on 'island where is the princess. The 'hero kills the dragon, he returned to the court and receives in return from the King's hand of the Princess.

an accident happens, you are asked to help 'hero, he sets out in search, who met on the street after being subjected to a test, reward him with a magical gift, thanks to the gift of the' hero can ' accomplish its mission and collect his reward.

The blue part is called Weave, the green part called structure.

In this book, Vladimir Propp identifies structures around which are various plots of fairy tales (fairy tales).

am 31.


A book is now history, but also boring, like most of the Catalog of non-fiction 'Einaudi.

Fortunately, in the appendix, to revive the greyness of the volume, c 'is the "Scazzi" blood with Claude Levi Strauss.

In his review, after a half a page of praise, CLS begins with the beating. Every now and then pulls the wind tossed other compliments that can serve as an ideal prologue to 'mercilessly scorned to follow.

I have to say here that CLS is the classic French intellectual that makes 'a darkness' s honor. To make the cost of the effort from the Giant for not being understood, were his fellow followers. The convoluted style of Derrida and Deleuze went on to saying. Personally, after an initial infatuation, I then developed a repentance through which sensed the presence of worms in the product, as the packaging would make it stylish and recommendations 'effect of' the words (difficult) in Freedom "unleashed the ambitions that highbrow we all have, some more and some less.

However, in reply, providentially required by 'publisher to author', the blood boils and then Russian Propp are sparks.

The discussion at the white heat exempts from the jargon and forced to speak out, so we lay, finally, we hope to figure it out.

CLS VP accused of " formaslismo.

in those days was how to get excommunicated el 'expulsion from universities all over the kingdom.

just forgot to say that 'Orthodoxy was not "contenutivi ", as one might expect the' naive living in the past, but the " structuralism .

But what differentiates "formalism" and "structuralism"? The first conceives still a distinction between "form" and "content", according to the 'has abolished.

" The dragon abducts the princess " has resulted in 'structural element' a disgrace happens "in order to expel the" subjects "and focus on" actions ". The intuition is reasonable to think that the" actions "are constant while the" subjects "vary. But 's fundamentalist what CLS' is not enough, he wants to reduce everything to structure, even the names ! ... Also "dragon" is basically a structure to be traced, maybe going back to the ethnographic study of people with which circulates the story.

In short, the reductionist CLS structure is everything, even their names. In fact, strictly speaking, according to the "descriptive theory ", meaning each can 'be reduced to a description, a "history" if you will, and then to a structure.

The fact is that a semantic theory of gender s' implanted on their names. He explained that the length and breadth damper Saul Kripke thus recovering the notion of essence. A real garlic for relativism to the bitter end.

CLS is the classical representation of twentieth-century nihilism, that against which, with some delay, thunders the Catholic Church from time to time. For him everything is reducible to the structure, and fairy tales, myths, religions, are a bit 'all the same thing. Even the stories of the people, being reducible to a schemino are all essentially similar: there is a schemino "superior" to others. C 'is one who goes to the moon, c' is the next one who eats and who helped him create more affluent societies. All, fundamentally, "schemini" social.

VP does not seem to have much time to waste with the philosophy and then sent "to hell" and told him to get out of CLS, however, and stop doing embroidery in heaven "abstractions of abstractions." Him - VP - to tame the beast untamed which are the fairy tales collected by the 31 structures devised Afanasev and they succeed very well. Instead of thanking here then that is found in front of this Professorin that makes fleas fleas: that rather than try to find a story that is not prepared by him in the cage. That is a bit dirty 'hands with the most " materials. Roll up your sleeves is the best way to dispel the nonsense that they do it that way lucubrate French.

That said, the Russian scholar is careful not to "send to hell" Structuralism with CLS. Calls to join the sect even showing the credentials and modify certain ambiguity. But it was so normal, that was the established religion 's intellectual nihilist twentieth century, and the totem then do not tolerate insults.

Vladimir Propp - Morphology of the Folktale


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