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Libertarian Commentary on 'The Hammock of 13/03/2011

Read the news on a number of judicial investigations (see recent surveys on the so-called P4 and the recruiter State Bisignani) understand very little and is far from 'one. The fault is not the journalists who try to tell what they can know. Neither of the judges, who are trying to dig up the crime by a thick blanket of secrecy and silence. The fault (from his point of view on a) is a political and economic power than ever in recent years has succeeded in making the inscrutable, opaque, out of control. We can understand that the only interests, alliances, clashes that determine many of the choices of central importance to the community (procurement, credit control, the division profits) are in an area of \u200b\u200b'shadow, sheltered from all forms of institutional control, of public visibility, in short, of democracy. A lot of money a lot of power in few hands, rags zero power in the hands of everyone else. It 's always been like that? Maybe. But in a political climate less resigned, more intact, the discovery of the P2 woke in the 'Italy of the time, a huge outcry. P3, P4 and P5 and P6 tomorrow can count on a huge advantage: the disarticulation of politics and our review. Two sides of same coin.

Michele Serra - L 'Hammock - What

makes the political and economic power " inscrutable, opaque and out of control ?

Gambling: the proliferation of rules el 'abnormal assigned role in politics.

It 'hard to get confused if there are a few simple rules.

It 'hard to watch commingling if the policy has neither large allocations to barter nor to bestow great favors.

But "few rules" and "low politics" scare. The looming specter of the Far West to 'horizon of impressionable minds. Minds are prone to a vacant horror of the prescription, and are "many."

The trouble is that then turn the 'corner, and these "many" you will find yourself busy in the drafting of 'ardent denunciation of power "inscrutable, opaque and out of control."

But how? Are they still? Participate in the Exhibition which is to Contomanifestazione?

Already, the two "crowds" are the same. At least console ourselves thinking about the survivor of the conflict.

And then you wonder why the massive conversion to moralism. Forced to discard solutions that work that remains is "savonaroleggiare" invoking the saints.

ps 1 / I start my own impromptu "meditations" on 'Hammock Sunday. I wanted a counterpoint to the gospel, a temper to me stranger who conceived ideas of continuous foreign to me. Barbara Spinelli was the 'ideal there 'is nothing more that I can remote to sight, but the river did not lend his prose. In writing, unfortunately, Serra c 'is a side that I admire and sincerely offering resistance to my inspiration (will not be a coincidence that I have read several books by this poetaster). Patience, his stamp Republicans are so appropriate to the need to give it up is a crime.

ps 2 / warning: I'm going a week at sea before the storm in the sea ports over to me. I reach my girlie Varigotti in free and sorry if the 'composting archive with a snowball. See you soon.


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