Monday, March 7, 2011

Pathophysiology Of Anemia Pernicious

Peace made between the 'analogue electronics and all aspects of human life. A peace agreement signed during the year zero.

I think to the 'analogue' to everything as' that gets in the way disturbing the language clean the glass: hiccup, burp, sigh, sob, pause, stutter, tics, hesitation ...

At last, the 'e can' dedicate themselves to rebuilding the teeming life that inexhaustible swarms between a digit el 'more, including a syllable el 'the other, between a musical note el' other.

many stunted bushes live and develop their fascinating intricacies between lush plants that monopolize the 'interest of the Gardener.

Here is a meticulous investigator of this undergrowth, one better than others we submit that swarm vitalistic. Under his drum sticks (he's a drummer, better said) everything trembles in irregular pulse, from the myriad of combinations sooner or later something will stand.

Peace made between the 'e-el' sound, this is the largest news that gives us the music of the year zero.

Alexander Schubert - Plays Sinebag


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