Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Should Your Bmi Be If You Want To Wear A Bi


in talk show on TV, like on the problem page of newspapers, often commented on the fact that the 'modern man is so reluctant to engage with the ladies .... do not hesitate to speak of "fear" in making the big step ... these poor children so shaky in the face of strong, decisive figures such as those embodied by their female counterpart ... But maybe this reluctance would be better to consider not so much as a fear that such behavior rational easy to explain ... the dissemination of contraceptives has increased the status of 'man ... the "sexual revolution" was a positive revolution in particular the 'man ... now the boys are looking for easy sex without long term commitments to shoulder ... women, since they do not run more risks, are available and allow themselves more easily to the gym favorite bulls ... once, to gain certain privileges sex, you had to win at least an entire Kingdom ... now that you can have a good time to time, is very normal to want to prolong this period of "youth good living" ... 's other hand, the woman seeking primarily a mother and a companion that alongside the magical experience reassuring ... for she has become very difficult to stop a good party, especially if he wishes the same age ... and then, about desire ... we have long known that women in the "mating" the person looking for the most wealthy and successful, on the other hand man 's real beauty ... here, if this is so, let us ask ourselves a bit 'in favor of those who work the "time". It's simple: when the beauty fades with time, the 'man increases his wealth .... if we add the icing of the 'biological clock (for the woman playing soon, for' man hardly ever) the accounts are made soon ... Other than reluctance and "fear" of 'unknown ... Another fellow who decided that "they know what they want "... after many hesitations c 'is only one rational choice aimed at enhancing the gifts that the" sexual revolution "and the pill have bestowed on a tray of' silver male contemporary ..."

Roy Baumeister - Is there anything good about man?

C 'is the one who goes further in considering the effects of the dynamics of grafted by the "sexual revolution" and the pill: the rarity of males exacerbates women's competition.

How to become more attractive as in the theme of exaltation of the beauty we have already scraped the bottom of the barrel? A good strategy recommended to study, to get his degree, take the master ... take two ... three.

's women's education would be increased substantially so that the modern woman "sculettare" in front of a male ever more demanding since the "sexual revolution" has delivered a sharp knife by the handle.

The source of the last considerations is Gary Becker: Tratise on Family.


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