Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lost Ontario Immunization Records

men against men pretend to

In no human society on planet earth today hosted the status of women is equal to that of 'man ... In every country in the world she seems overwhelmed by hierarchically 'man ... and if we travel in time it is repeated: it always has been ... In some societies, the gap seems to shrink, expand into other ... but in all returns on time ... Why? ... Two theories have depopulated in the past ... The first believes in the superiority of innate 'in humans' ability to express certain (male theory) ... the second postulates a conspiracy of males tended to oppress Women ( feminist theory) ... both theories are rather incoherent when evaluated in light of the facts, mostly about finding a political-intellectualist 'evidence to support so weak that it can be defined as inconsistent ... then it is time to propose an alternative explanation and it is my intention to do so in this book ... if the radical feminists have staked everything on a mysterious conflict Men Against Women I privilegierò the much more blatant conflict men against men ... war army to commercial competition, the 'whole of human history repeated again and again sports uniforms male groups in which face each other ... lovers of the facts will be certainly 'much gratified by my guess ... but also those who look for "explanations" will find reasonable solid evolutionary reasons to give me credit ... if the conflict between men is so central, it is not surprising that the desire to be "successful", the 'taste for risk, for the vast organization, the hierarchy and the competitive situation are typical traits of their male psychology ... the male has the back of his creativity - the other male characteristic - his knowledge to innovate in search of ever more powerful in 'offense and defense ... it stands out among these weapons a "the Culture" ... - 's sports fan knows what I speak because he knows very well that even a beautiful dream team of All Stars only succumb to honest players in the field ... well-organized chidetevi about why women just love to follow sports, and everywhere, even when they love are less obsessed with the "score" ... or fixed by the "winner" and "losers" that haunts the 'man in the bar when he brandishes the newspaper preferred nervously leafing ... Well, the "culture" is nothing but a means to organize and coordinate the multitude ... "culture" is thus born into a reality 'inside of the "male sphere" ... something that men have created to pursue the most of their goals ... so a "culture" (institutions, banks, finance, science, big business, military, police ...) works well, requires constant sacrifice, competition, attitude to risk, competitive spirit, desire to overcome, a desire to prevail ... that requires to be continuously fed with a fuel made even explosive - if not primarily - from life ... all things perfectly in line with the low value of male life than women ... now it just so happens that this strange beast - the "culture" - has enjoyed great progress over the millennia and centuries, so we have also seen a rise of male status ... its sphere of interest, following the stunning successes reaped, made him socially richer, more influential, more powerful ... nothing comparable has happened in the "female world" ... which is practically stops at the point where he was thousands of years ago ... Recently, women have entered the world of "culture" and there have been misunderstandings ... but it was inevitable that she was so ... Coming from the world of "care" and the 'loving "preservation" hardly agrees to become cannon fodder ... difficult to get that thirst for victory that enhances the 'man in' agony to make a child ... difficult point-blank to consider one's life as expendeble ... 's mistake was then also powered by some feminists perpetually in love with concepts such as "discrimination" ... some discriminatory practices are always possible, it excludes none, but here 's attention was directed elsewhere ... 's relevant factor was the fact that the women asked not to be treated like most of the men had always been treated or, as any life as expendable and replaceable ... little worthy of respect without earning a hit from the field and smiles, however, a small minority ... too many men, I must say, they fall in 'misunderstanding to think that women want to join them working on their own bases ...

Roy Baumeister - Is there anything good about men


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