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How Much Does It Cost To Have A Oarty At Hooters

The diet of the Minotaur Dreams

Take a group of people, say all those who are alive today on planet earth. Now consider their ancestors who are wondering how many women and men.

not arrovellatevi, accounts made them for you Jason Wilder assisted by his team after a 'thorough analysis of the DNA: the progenitor women are almost 70%, the ancestors of men slightly more than 30. How

everything 'can you understand it should be noted that half the children born today in central Asia, is a descendant of Genghis Khan.

Considering that among the new born and girls constitute 50% of the total, what do we get?

Simple, do we get that for reproductive purposes a woman's life is worth much much more a male life. At the same availability, are more women than men.

is a "winning culture" can not 'miss a similar account of the servant.

Apparently this simple fact is the most underrated of human history.

a conclusion so easily verifiable as linear, it seems counterintuitive, if not bewildering. Why? Perhaps because different view, however fragile, is being publicized and disseminated in a noisy propaganda of politicized feminism .

Think Gloria Steinem and Naomi Wolf , for example. Both, in the epigraph to their books, mention that in the U.S. each year 150,000 women die from annihilated 'anorexia. According to them, are the models proposed by the media to ask such a monstrous holocaust. After that

'Preclaro example, the homework now the standard feminist plays in the stencil: it curls a 'whatever anecdotal concluded then that the prevailing culture imola women on her altar. It is assumed that men's lives are instead preserved under glass like precious relics. Here, the press release this kind of book that runs continuously indifferent to the questions.

Well, if the message is overwhelming to this effect will be a surprise to find that the opposite is true.

When we hear on the news that "among the victims were women and children, it is understood that those lives are deemed more valuable.

When the ship sinks give priority to women and children, this is a sign of the kind of culture which exists in those people.

Crafts dangerous accidents, prison, capital punishment, war ... is nearly always the 'man who goes in between.

Our culture is very valuable but it c 'is like a Minotaur, which calls for continuous human sacrifices. Tastes of the Minotaur are accurate: he wants to males, possibly younger.

Some men are very precious lives during a nuclear attack, the life of the President of the USA (probably a male), receives particular attention. But the vast majority is cannon fodder.

Culture pushes the 'man at risk: very few will climb the summit, all other is for a kind of abyss. But it is logical that this is so: to advance the human race is just an alpha male surrounded by thousands of women (all valuable). The rest is useless and can 'serve as food for the Minotaur.

PS. If you saw this post in a plaintive tone, you're off the road. Just consider that culture is always a creature designed by men to pursue their own ends.

PS. Some might say "in many cases the male can 'choose alternatives to self-sacrifice." "Click"? But no one chooses ... "Culture is the baby! Maybe you do not understand but a feminist generation, those for whom the word "choose" has little or no effect, will surely understand.

PS. In that sense it is said that "culture exploits the 'man'. Culture is not an agent endowed with volition, it is only a system by which people coordinate their lives. The "logic" of Trapattoni 'sacrificed' the right wing by providing that ran incessantly up and down the strip. Here, the sense of "exploitation" is a bit 'that.

PS. 150000 to the victims of anorexia 'years reported by Wolf and Steinem were a canard originated from unverified data. The U.S. deaths were found about 70. Were 150,000 cases of anorexia that someone (?) Was estimated. In short, quisquillie.


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