Tuesday, March 15, 2011

How To Delete A Season Recording


Curious' s latest book by Felice Cimatti. Thesis: the 'man is a natural community ( here slating the Libero).

I think Cimatti join different concepts such as Copyright (abstract object) and that of private property (concrete object). The first criticism of the institution would apply automatically to the second re-opening the road to communism. Actually he does not speak your language but of Copyright: If you use the language is mine, why should not it be even "your" hand?

be perplexed is more than fair in such cases. With this

I do not mean that naturalism and ideology can not cross in a profitable way. I am thinking of insightful research on the links between ideology and psychology natural, especially after the investigators have to report the amazing comunications feeble link between the material interests and political voting.

The division left and right seem limiting, we try to construct a psycho-parliament taking advantage of this schemino linking the Big Five personality to 'professed ideology (click to expand):

The libertarian would be a guy with many social contacts but still concentrated in his world, not empathic, conscientious and emotionally stable.

all stuff to be explored, however, accounts that are not square well exposed here.

Marchionne ps Can you imagine giving a "peaceful" public radio interview represented by Felice Cimatti? And Ricci converses amiably with the 'impartial Loredana Lipperini? Knowing the background to run a chill on his back wondering what really is the "voice of all."


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