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Systemic Candida Fungi

multicolor photo of Italian private school

The data indicate that students have on average lower scores private (testing PISA) compared to those of the public. Italy is one of the few cases where this happens: usually the opposite is true. According to some analysis, the lower performance of private schools is due to the fact that they tend to recruit students less motivated, those who are struggling to advance in public schools.

The red line is questionable since the data do not allow A comparison: the Pisa test did not intend to compare public schools and private schools, so tested the sample of private schools is in no way representative . A

what 'would add that the difference between government and private non-funded (3%) is statistically insignificant . The graph, built in a hurry for propaganda purposes after the outputs of the Premier, the truncation of the Black Order 'irrelevance of the gap.

However, and here I speak a rule of thumb, would not surprise me find similar results in a real search. This

'that should not be overlooked an important fact: the private win in terms of consumer satisfaction . It is not just for anyone who thinks that the school is done for the family and not vice versa. We then

in mind that our findings can not be held ceteris paribus: the cost per pupil in private almost halved!

We then say that the results of the tests INVALSI do not correspond at all with those reported here? But it is plain that this is so because, again, who has prepared these tests was not interested in the issues we are discussing here.

Finally, it is useful to remember that it should competition from private to state : where are the first second of the average quality rises. Even

the green line seems reliable because of the "private" are largely the CFP, schools often play the "dirty work", the rescue drop out and start up the profession.

And then, frankly speaking, (and here I still rely on the "rule of thumb") who does not know at least a case of desperate families who have recourse to private school for her son slacker? With stuff like this can not work miracles .

But in my view, however, the staff is more important the blue line.

For obvious reasons, in any sector of the state service is synonymous with quality. no accident anywhere in the world, "the private" than a lot of the "state" , and common sense tell us that could not be otherwise: what it's worth in just qalsiasi sector continues to apply to the school. Why then do we constitute a 'exception?

Perhaps because the school conforms to the company where they will live those who visit.

And then detects the fact that 'Italy is considered the country of annuities: If dad has a pharmacy, the child is in place, he will be pharmacist. The 'only thing that is needed to settle the damn piece of paper.

This applies to many activities, from university professor to the representative of commerce, a place waiting for Daddy's boy ol 'friend ... now there is even the 'register of building managers. In societies

little competitive piece of paper is all , and as the "private" must ensure consumer satisfaction do somersaults to please the customer.

In contrast, competitive society such as Nordic or Anglo-Saxon ones, 'you need is the preparation, ensuring that only you can' maximize consumer satisfaction.

What conclusion after blacks 12 lines above?

I confine myself here to 'central teaching: turn towards a more competitive (or freer) and invest as much money as possible in the private school .

It seems to me that the speech wires in both theory and practice.

+ + +

To close I express my personal opinion if called in ideal conditions to choose between public and private sectors. Anywhere in the world is the private school to provide the 'excellence, but this service costs, taxes went to see' s inclusion of the most exclusive institutions.

I think it is possible to check off fees so high only because people tend to overestimate the education services. Fortunately, there is a strong theory 'that explains Academy well this bias.

In other words, I do not think that the quality differential differential compensation that is absent in 'financial commitment required to' user.

+ + +

Sources: The graph with the findings in the red line 'I've taken off the site Voice info. 'S observation referred to blue line and the explanation referred to the green line the take from an article in Corriere della Sera by Maurizio Ferrera. Many blacks staves them has inherited from the various articles on the site Luisa Ribolzi The Subsidiary . The theory of 'Academy is outlined on the site Cato Unbound Charles Murray and Bryan Caplan. solo-un-idea-falsa-di-Repubblica/133355 /


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