Monday, March 14, 2011

How To Make Tilt On A Helmet

Stereotypes about stereotypes

The moment you realize that they are facing a snake, we begin to behave according to what we know of snakes in general ... When, we learn that Tom is a librarian, we begin to interact with this person, taking into account the 'idea we have of libraries and librarians ... We generally try to label each and every person we meet in order to regulate our behavior towards him on the basis of what 'in our previous knowledge falls under the' label in question ... this approach by "stereotyping" ... can 'be considered a good thing? ... Social psychology has issued two responses, both firm and unequivocal: No and Yes .

... The early literature argues that using too many stereotypes, the second (stereotype fallacy) that we use them too little and let our rationality is made to divert focus on individual cases and isolated ... turns on for example the story of the Volvo ... you have just read in a reliable newspaper that for every Volvo 10000 users satisfied, only 1000 say they disappointed ... the strength of this 'self is a stereotype that goes in the newspaper and the news is a reinforcement tutt' simply amazing ... has long been considered that the 'purchase ... Except that, at the bar, a friend gives you a vivid tale of 'odyssey that his brother has gone through its Volvo ... stopped on the highway ... the car was going to fire ... relief that they were slow ... million in damages ... the son injured ... a long and complicated case ended without any compensation ... here, the single case now takes over the stereotype and give up to 'purchase ... The conclusion is obvious: there is a problem of under-utilization of stereotypes ... "

David Funder - in AAVV Stereotype accuracy -



1. Cultivating positive stereotypes about of self is the main way to cultivate negative stereotypes on 'More?

2. Stereotypes are rigid?

3. Stereotypes are the way to the racism?


1. No, there is no correlation.

2. No, I usually change for successive approximations.

3. No, they are the way to any kind of study.

ps the first question may also be formulated as follows: "the 'ethnocentrism is a valid theory?"


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