Thursday, March 10, 2011

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Effect Poincaré

worry, the web will make you more informed, more educated, smarter and happier ... and if the biological memory of the brain remains unemployed, patience, it means that we have better.

But watch out for unusual connections between creativity and memory! Knows something about a man from 'average intelligence as Poincaré that to his surprise he found himself to be perhaps the greatest scientist of all time (*).

It is the Connection Between memory and creativity, Perhaps, Which Should Make U.S. Most wary of the web . 'As Our use of the Web Makes it harder for us to lock information into Our biological memory, we're forced to rely more and more on the net’s capacious and easily searchable artificial memory,’... But conscious manipulation of externally stored information is not enough to yield the deepest of creative breakthroughs: this is what the example of Poincaré suggests. Human memory, unlike machine memory, is dynamic. Through some process we only crudely understand – Poincaré himself saw it as the collision and locking together of ideas into stable combinations – novel patterns are unconsciously detected, novel analogies discovered. And this is the process that Google, by seducing us into using it as a memory prosthesis, threatens to subvert.

(*) and they know something even the great improvisers of music.


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